‘My friend invited my boyfriend over for a double date and said I couldn’t come’

A woman was left stunned when her friend secretly invited her boyfriend out on a “double date”.

In an anonymous post on Reddit, the 18-year-old said that things came to a head with her friend, who she referred to as Gemma, after she asked her if she was free on the weekend to hang out.

The woman explained: “She said she was having our mutual friends who are in a relationship over and my boyfriend (call him Ben (18)) for a sleepover.”

Since she had no other plans, she asked to tag along, but her pal said no as she didn’t want to be a “fifth wheel”.

“I said that’s understandable but otherwise, it’s two couples one formed of you and my boyfriend,” which she wasn’t comfortable with.

So, the woman suggested inviting another of their mutual friends along so it wouldn’t be awkward, but “was told no for no specific reason other than she just wanted it to be the original [four] planned.”

Once the woman told Ben how she felt, he gave Gemma an ultimatum – she was to be invited, or else he won’t go either.

“After Gemma heard that Ben wasn’t going to come she then said that I could come,” she revealed.

“But I’m not sure I want to if she had to be blackmailed to allow me?

“I genuinely thought me and her were very good friends and I’m upset about this all.”

She asked users whether she was overreacting by asking to be invited, but everyone appeared to be on her side, as they agreed it was odd her friend wouldn’t let her tag along.

One person said: “If my friend said to me she arranged a sleepover with my boyfriend I’d go mental at her. How did she think this would play out exactly??”

Another agreed: “Lmao wtf?? She was trying to arrange a double date…with your bf? Then only invited you when he said he wasn’t going. No thanks. She doesn’t sound anywhere near a friend.”

Whilst a third person wondered whether her pal has feelings for her boyfriend.

Someone else thought it was weird how her boyfriend believed a sleepover double date without her was normal, as they added: “That in and of itself calls for a sit-down because I know if no one who would think that’s ok while in a relationship.”

Another user defended the lad, writing: “To be fair, he’s only 18, still a bit naive and is only now learning what it means to be in a serious relationship. Nobody learns this stuff overnight.”

Whilst one person said: “A dude should know what kind of things a situation like this would lead to.

“HOWEVER, when [original poster] talked to him about it, he immediately had her back and told G that he wasn’t coming unless OP could come too, which is pretty damned mature for an 18-year-old.”