Woman shares genius saving hack that could help you pocket almost £5,000 a year

A woman has shared a genius saving hack that could help you pocket almost £5,000 per year.

TikTok user emmm271 said that she saw the tip online and was so impressed that she decided to give it a go, and filmed a video about how to do it to share with her nearly 4,000 followers.

In the video, she explains how all you need is 100 envelopes and a pen, and you mark each of the envelopes with a number between one and 100.

Then, twice a week, you pick one at random and put in the amount written on the envelope before storing it away – this way, you’ll save just under £5,000 in one year.

Sharing the tip on TikTok, the woman said: “So I saw this on TikTok yesterday and I just had to do it, so I ordered myself 100 envelopes and started to write 1 to 100 on the envelopes.

“Finally done. Time to give the envelopes a little bit of a shuffle so that they’re all muddled up.

“So I’m going to pick out two envelopes a week and I’m going to put in the amount of money that it says on the envelope. today I got Two pounds, not too bad for today.

“Here I am putting the money inside, and this means by this time next year I’ll have saved £5,000.”

After sharing the tip online, other TikTok users were quick to comment with most people thanking the woman for sharing the idea.

One user wrote: “I do the penny a day saving. January 1, 1p in a jar, January 2, put 2p in and so on all through the year. I have about £670 at the end of the year.”

And another said: “Genius idea.”

While a third person commented: “Fun idea but in a cashless country as Sweden this is impossible.”

And one person quipped: “As long as the first envelope doesn’t need more than £4.20 until payday I’ll be ok for this week.”