Teen buys spray tan off Groupon only to discover ‘salon’ was someone’s garage

We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t shopped around on the internet trying to find the cheapest deals – who doesn’t?

However, one teen was left filled with regret after purchasing a spray tan off popular discount site Groupon, as not all was as it seemed.

TikToker Quincy Philbin thought she was purchasing a spray tan from an actual salon, in order to get a healthy glow for celebrating her 19th birthday, but when she turned up to the venue, it turned out to just be a tarp in the garage of the spray-tanner.

But, while you might think that would be a red flag for some people, Quincy stuck around to get her spray tan, which she had already paid for, although she was left wishing she hadn’t bothered.

“Thinking about when I bought a Groupon spray tan so I could look sexy for my 19th birthday,” she said in a TikTok video. “I thought it was a salon, but it was a woman with a tarp in her garage.”

Although the location wasn’t the end of the world, Quincy says the tanner sprayed her “way too dark” and left her with a huge white ring all around her mouth, where she had been wearing chapstick.

Other TikTok users were left divided over the unusual tanning method, with some suggesting she should have run for the hills instead of going into a stranger’s garage.

“U LET A WOMAN WITH A TARP IN HER GARAGE SPRAY TAN YOU?!” one TikToker questioned, while another added: “I would literally call the cops.”

Meanwhile, others pointed out that beyond the chapstick lips, the tan actually looked pretty damn good, proving that the garage woman must’ve known what she was doing.

“That is literally such a natural, even colour and your face is matched perfectly, you’re tripping if you think that looks bad,” one commented.